Thursday, May 19, 2011

Karma Cup

Today I found the design winner of an initiative to reduce waste from coffee-to-go paper cups co-led by Core77 and Starbucks.  The design, Karma Cup, wasn't for an actual cup, but for an incentive program.  Every customer who brought in their own cup would mark an "x" on the chalkboard next to the register and every tenth customer to mark an "x" would get a free item from the menu.  What a great incentive, utilizing a (using my Honors Psychology vocab from first semester, here) fixed-rate ratio variable schedule so that the free item is a definite thing, not something so random as a prize drawing.  It is something the customer can hope for, but also statistically count on.  Just the right mix of chance and certainty.  
Anyways, I thought it was an awesome idea.  
Here's a link to the Karma Cup Initiative
I've never been a coffee addict--caffein has absolutely no effect on me--but a yummy cup of something creamy-steamy has always been a favorite splurge of mine in the colder months.  I purchased my Handlebar Mustache Insulated Coffee Mug by Vessel Drinkware last December.  It knocked down the price of my mochas and was my small contribution to reducing waste.  

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