Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Separate But Not Apart

My bestie Caris came over today for a friend date.  Caris and I have been biffles since we met through church back in elementary school.  Now all grown up, our conflicting and busy schedules keep us from seeing each other as often as we did back when our summers were filled with trips to the pool rather than part-time jobs.  What we've always treasured about our friendship is that months can go by before we get to properly "hang out" but it's always as if a single day hasn't passed.  She is a true-blue old friend.  
I had Caris over to my house, and she was ready to overcome her crafting fears and make something beautiful.  I showed her some simple flower-painting tricks and together we made shopping totes with matching quotes on them:
"The most beautiful discovery that true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart."

We then promptly took our totes to Old Navy and pillaged the clearance racks, proudly filling them with delicious deals. 
 Caris picked tulips.
I picked ranunculus.

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