Sunday, August 14, 2011

Arrival-Talullah Falls

 After stopping for directions at both an Autozone and a Kangaroo, I finally made it to the Athens Y-Camp in Tallulah Falls.  It was if God had made the trip a little longer so I could get there in time for that light.  I was the first student there and just wandered around the camp followed by the yellow labs that wander around and wait for belly rubs and sticks to be thrown in the lake.  
 It was totally Parent Trap.


  1. I work at Athens Y Camp over the summer and I have gone there since I was six. It is truly an amazing place. Im making a personal narrative about my time there I was wondering if I could use some of your images.

  2. If you could please cite where and from whom you'd got them, that would be fine! Just cite: Photography by Rachel Siegfried, The Pea and Me,
    I'm glad you also found the place so inspiring!


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