Sunday, August 7, 2011

Burton Gas Pump

The Ace Gang has yet to successfully have each of its members in the same place this entire summer!  What with Hannah in Whales, Christine camp counseling, Amy globetrotting and everyone's work and vacation schedules, we have yet to fill the same room.  
Our day at Lake Burton was supposed to remedy this, but unfortunately Amy had to cancel.  Instead, we had the joy of bringing Cam and Bowen along for the crazy tube wars and lazy chatter while floating on noodles.  
The area is very rural, and beautiful.  Cam and I especially enjoyed the ride back home and reflected on God's will for us and how much we've learned and grown this first year of college. 
 Both of us decided introverts, we went into college happily sitting alone at mealtimes and just planning on concentrating on our work.  Instead, God called us to lead, blossom, and actively seek out the souls around us, and we have been infinitely blessed because of it.  

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