Friday, August 5, 2011

Neat n' Woodsy

I searched natural wood organizer on Etsy and came across these natural beauties.
The above was made by Lisa's Paintbrush from reclaimed barn wood.
I especially enjoy this design because it lines and separates the paintbrushes. I'd prefer this system to my stick em and mix em in a mason jar system that I have going on right now.  
I liked the variously sized cubby holes and depths and the overall asymmetrical design of this piece made from naturally aged spalted maple.
 Garny Designs also makes some pretty sweet barstools.  
Reclaimed Pine Wood Caddy
I loved the history this caddy carried with it, constructed from antique floor joints in 19th century Philadelphia.
All of the products at Peg and Awl have a beautifully nostalgic, rustic quality.   

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