Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I have kept the faith

Speed, quality, price: choose any two.
Words I need to remember during a time that Amber finally articulated for me: 
the Sophomore Slump.
For the first time I've wondered: 
"Can I even do this?"
"What if no one will like my work?"
"What if I waste this education?"
"Why can't I just drop out now?"
"How much money do strippers make...?"
That last one was a little melodramatic, I admit. 
I'm attempting to adjust and reevaluate all the have-to's, got-to's and need-to-get-around-to's of college (along with the pouty I-don't-want-to's) and remember my goals and what is truly important.
Anyways, I've been completing many exercises in examining opportunity cost.  
For all my planning, only prayer is practical.

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