Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spoon Spoons at the High Museum of Art

College Night at the High was this past Saturday, and it went wonderfully.
I met up with some Ace Gangers and we all toured the event together--our favorite part being the workshops.  We started off the evening making Pollock-inspired totes.  
What made the evening so enjoyable to me was watching my friends, none of which are artists, engaging in and enjoying art.  
Cam methodically flicked his paint covered tooth brush at his tote, while Chelsey swiped a heart onto her creation.  Everyone chatted and giggled as they squeezed eye droppers and held up their bags to make them drip better.  
My friends also listened patiently as we worked to my art history fun facts, which was very kind of them.
We then went into an adjoining room to the Calder jewelry workshop.  
The room was so crammed that many people sat in the floor.  
The tables were littered with buttons, bits of wire, fabric and spoons.
Cam took a mallet and a set of pliers to a spoon for me and made me a bracelet, which I have worn every day since.  
I asked him to print something sweet onto my spoon.
He disappeared for several loud, clangy minutes and then returned with his gift:
Frustrating and adorable, right?
"But look--" he said, "The o's are spooning."
 Isn't it beautiful?
The Picasso to Warhol exhibit itself was very interesting, as well, but my favorite part of the evening was making art with my friends. 

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