Monday, February 6, 2012

Current Cravings: Animal Crackers

My newest snack obsession.
None of this giant plastic bag of unsweetened, stale and crumbly creatures you stuffed down in desperation during sunday school.  
I'm talking about Barnum's Animal Crackers.  A miniature menagerie that can travel happily on your wrist by its convenient strap, filled to the brim with interesting, detailed COOKIES, not crackers.  Barnum is using "crackers" in the elegant sense.  
I was so pumped when I found these in the Brenau Tea Room.  I've had two boxes in the past week, and will be packing them as an emergency snack this weekend.  
They are just so special.  
P.S.  I WILL find a way to make this box into a clutch or other useful item.  

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