Friday, November 2, 2012

Project in Progress: Needle Felted Fox & Bunny Heads.

 As I mentioned last month, I've been dabbling in needle felting, which is the process of stabbing wool roving with a notched needle to cause the fibers to tangle and become moldable.  
I ordered wool online, and surprise!
I'm needle felting the fox and the bunny for a stop motion video!
Right now all I have are their little decapitated heads.  
Writing out directions for needle-felting is the best.  
When else can you say "Stab repeatedly" and "flutfs" at the same time!?
To save money on expensive dyed fibers, I started with a poly-filler as a base.  
Stab repeatedly.
Pull tiny flufts of a color and poke into place.  
Stab repeatedly.
Mold a nose and stab it into place.
I put wires in bunny's ears so that they can bend!

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