Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Buckle Up

I had a photography assignment over my frosty Spring Break (Brenau always places Spring Break during the last week of February and first few days of March).
Fortunately, my assignment to take photos of people out of doors was pretty well suited to the three locations in which I spent my break: Myrtle Beach, Camden County, and Nashville, Tennessee.  
My Nashville shots are my absolute favorite.  
It was a chilly, grey day, and the air was filled with a constant flurry of snowflakes.  
My dear friends acted as models, parking the car illegally for fifteen minute stints on rooftops and by churches, and forcing smiles against the cold.
The above photo is of my friend, Ian, who looks best when laughing, I have decided.  
He found this "Buckle Up" sign and it made a great prop!
My Photography instructor is wonderful; he is very hands-on and old-school:obsessed with lighting and getting the shot correct on ground, rather than editing sloppy mistakes later with photoshop. 
I still have a lot of learning and practice ahead of me, but these are the shots of which I am most proud.
Aperture priority mode is my favorite mode right now.
I'm learning to "blow out the background" as he phrases it, in order to put my subject in greater focus.  
Above is a photo of my friend Erik, who I am obsessed with looking at. 
I want to use him for some drawing assignments later on.    
He has fantastic bone structure that makes his face transform from stoic and brooding to joyful in a flash.  
Also, his red hair makes me so happy.
Sorry Erik!
This is a picture of my bestie, Amber, in front of a church.  
Her face is always sweet, quiet, and lovely, just like her personality.
Cam is always my trickiest subject--we know each other so well, and yet he is fidgety and camera shy.  
I still love how I was able to pull the colors from his scarf from the background. 
I had us sneak into a studio space under construction.  
Worth it!  
I wish I had had my tripod so that I could get steadier shots, but I'm still really pleased with them.

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