Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Learning with Pigs

I am thrilled to report that I finally know how to quickly and seamlessly remove the background from images so that they stand on their own, skimpy and striking. Yay Mac!
My lap top case came in the mail this morning from Womensgirl and it is perfect! I'm a bit crazy about Japanese fabrics, and this little French piggy pattern is no exception! My new lap top fits snuggly inside this case's plushie innards.


I also wanted to show off this lovely shot Jim Haynes got of me and Cam all loved up at our Senior Prom.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tough Week for the Wallet

In the past week I have purchased:
4 new tires
1 new side mirror
1 Macbook Pro
1 iPod Classic
1 Laptop Case
Assorted Dorm Supplies
12 Books for School
Art Supplies for School
2 Movie Tickets
1 Pair of Dress Pants
1 Ticket to the Relient K Concert tomorrow evening

Phew. Needless to say I will be tightening my belt for the next few months to ride out this unexpected explosion of spending. College and and minor accidents like driving over nails really add up when they're tossed at you within the the same span of seven days.

Here's some positive: Much of this spending has been put toward some worth while investments. A life-long PC girl, I'm is still trying to wrap my mind around the many splendored qualities of my new Mac and am tickled by the rainbow of watercolor paints and fancy brushes I need for my Watercolor class. I've also found two truly lovely paintings that make me sigh every time I look at them.

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