Friday, November 23, 2012

Bloom Market 2

Two weekends ago I sold my work at the second annual Bloom Market Craft Fair.  
This year we had a change in venue and increase in vendors, and it turned out beautifully.
This year, in lieu of paper-cut, I made custom illustrated notebooks with ink.  
Last year I had noticed a definite uptick in sales when I offered to personalize notebooks by adding names to them in ink.  
This year I went the whole hog and said I design whatever they wanted on the spot, and they could pick it up ten to fifteen minutes later after shopping.  
It was a roaring success.
This year's venue, Tannery Hall, was gorgeous, and the decorations suited the location perfectly. 
 It was so cozy.
 Here's a look at my booth! 
I hid behind the typewriter and cranked out notebooks while my bestie, Amber, handled the cash.
I kept several samples up front for inspiration.
I ended up doing a lot of bible verses and princesses, as it turned out.   
However, I'm drawing a camera and volleyball in the photo.
All the above photos were taken by Kari Walker, the creator of Bloom Market.

the Wimbish House

Sorry I've been under a rock in the blogosphere of late.  
I've been out-and-about in the real world!  
Here's a look at Cam's and my attire at semiformal. 
 This is definitely the photo of our existence right now.  
I'm pointing out a painting on the wall of the historic Wimbish House in Atlanta.  
The home was lovely, a nice spot for conversation.  
We spent the evening exploring rooms, sipping on drinks and chatting with our friends.  
Cam and I never even made it to the dance floor we were having such a nice time.  
As you can see, I put my polk dot tights and headband to work that evening, and Cam looked simply smashing in his bow tie.  

Saturday, November 3, 2012


 I got the headbands for a steal--less than $2 a piece.  
I'm a headbandit.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Project in Progress: Needle Felted Fox & Bunny Heads.

 As I mentioned last month, I've been dabbling in needle felting, which is the process of stabbing wool roving with a notched needle to cause the fibers to tangle and become moldable.  
I ordered wool online, and surprise!
I'm needle felting the fox and the bunny for a stop motion video!
Right now all I have are their little decapitated heads.  
Writing out directions for needle-felting is the best.  
When else can you say "Stab repeatedly" and "flutfs" at the same time!?
To save money on expensive dyed fibers, I started with a poly-filler as a base.  
Stab repeatedly.
Pull tiny flufts of a color and poke into place.  
Stab repeatedly.
Mold a nose and stab it into place.
I put wires in bunny's ears so that they can bend!

The Crux of the Matter

This semester has had a curious duality to it.
I have found wells and wells of deep peace and understanding and nearness to the Lord, and have simultaneously suffered from ambivalence and despair related to school.  
In spite of my careful planning and organization, things are lost, dates are forgotten, creativity dries up and I am paralyzed with awful shame, because for the first time in a long time, I could care less.  
I feel like there is a buzzing fog smothering my thoughts and actions. 
In the space of one week I lost my phone more times than I can count, my keys twice (no driving for two days), my wallet once (no nothing for five) and generally stumbled through each day aimlessly.
However, I stumbled with such bright shining peace and security.
My hope does not come from my own success, and God was whispering this to me every day.    

I have seen so much fruit this week:
I have had beautiful conversations, thank yous, quiet times and the work I have made has been near to my heart.

Above is my current painting (I've abandoned Lady with an Ermine for the time being) of my schema of influences.  
It is illustrative and rebelliously simple, and I love painting it.  
I've sequestered myself in the side room of the studio where there is the most natural light and have meditated and painted.  
I have found so much peace in this painting, stippling in tiny creatures and little words that make up my heart, and I thank God for the time to be so near him.  
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