Monday, April 30, 2012

Countdown to Italy

five days to go

Washi Tape Splurge

I've watched Washi Tape rise in popularity, beginning as a crafter's phenomenon and eventually filtering down into Martha Stewart Crafts (no shame, I love me some Martha Stewart).
But I always remained an envious spectator.
Washi tape is a kind of patterned, semi-translucent tape that has the texture and adhesive properties of packaging tape.
It is simple and beautiful, but I could never plunk down the cash to get a full role in a pattern I couldn't commit to--Cam will testify to my indecisive nature.  
I found an offer I simply couldn't resist, solving all of my problems: Lacey B. of Le Box Boutique sells oodles of packaging supplies for other etsy sellers and amateur crafters.
Her most recent sale was a sample package of washi tape: 8 rolls in two foot length samples for $5.92--pick you flavors.  
So now I'm working on covering my keyboard in bits and pieces of my soul.  

Monday, April 23, 2012

Noisy Jelly

This is not the name of a band or some new edible, it is an experiement reworked into a child's game in which different kinds of jelly molds produce different sounds on a game board that doubles as a capacitive sensor.
The board is a thin sheet of wood lined with foil that is designed to detect conductance.
The different sizes, shapes and thicknesses of the jellies in combination with the intensity of the touch are triggers to a multitude of sounds.  

Friday, April 20, 2012

Newest Craving

For a lovely close to a night on the town, Cam and I were craving something sweet.  
As a special adventure, he took me to Whole Foods Market.  
Help was the best grocery shopping experience ever...
but there is a reason they call it "Whole Check." 
I digress.
Cam walked me through the fallacies in my decision-making process as I paced up and down the frozen food aisle.  
Apparently I take a little while, suddenly fear that I am taking too long, and rush into a poor decision.
After helping me to understand that spending his money on something I wouldn't finish made him far more frustrated than me taking ten minutes to pick out gelato, I was able to ease up and make an informed decision.
This is what heaven tastes like.  
Warm, smooth and then filled with delightful chunkies.
I bought it again at my Gainesville Publix two days later and had it for dinner.
Even though gelato has less fat than regular ice cream, I do not think it was ever intended to be consumed by the pint.  
Oh well.
For my next gelato adventure I'll split the pint with Cam. 
Actually, I'll have it all to myself because the next time I have gelato I will be in Italy sampling the real thing!!!!
However, when I return to blah blah America, I will fall back on Talenti
Here are the flavors to which I look forward:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Grocery Time with Gnomes

The final technique Claudia taught us in Printmaking was one that I had eagerly anticipated: screen printing.  
It was a technique that I felt pretty sure that I would be using in my future work, so I wanted to do something a little more difficult to challenge myself.
So, while everyone else in class made quite stunning, simple, single-layer screen prints, I decided to make a six-layer monstrosity.
It was so fun!
I made two gnome-themed grocery bags for Cam.
The happy mistake of this project was that Claudia had me make stencils out of opaque butcher paper rather than clear contact paper, which we later found meant that we had to print blind. 
So, the gnome bits are all a bit disjointed and adorable.  

Chocolate Classics

 Phew.  I'm in the final week of classes and getting here has been quite the whirlwind of projects and assignments.
In spite of my stress, I have poured my heart into these projects because I see no point in doing something if I can't really learn from and try to enjoy it.  
My final project for Graphic Design was to design a package for some sort of food.  
I went overboard and decided to make a series of Chocolate Classics.
I picked my favorite classic novels to fit into white, milk, dark and exotic chocolate series, and designed original vintage "dust covers" for them.  
It turned out so well that I'm quite sure that I want to do this again as a wedding favor.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pretty Pill Box

A few months ago I found out that I had a B-12 deficiency, which was what was contributing to all of my unexplained bouts of weariness. 
Since I've started taking B-12, I've drastically improved--I don't have to keep planning naps during my day!  
However, I have difficulty remembering to take my pills, and my pill bottle is so big and bulky that I never carry it in my purse.
So I purchased a cute little pill box to solve that problem!

A Present To Myself

 Since March 1, I have been waiting on tenterhooks for an answer back regarding my application for an internship at The High Museum of Art Atlanta.  
I tried not to obsess over it, and there was definitely a lot of prayer involved!  
However, I told myself that if I got the position, I would award myself with a new lunchbox for work, since I've had the same one since my freshman year of high school, and it's pretty beat up. 
Well, yesterday I was called out of the blue for a phone interview, and this morning I received an email saying that I got the job!
I am officially the Modern and Contemporary Art Curatorial Intern for the summer!
So, in celebration, I purchased this adorable linen lunch box from SoYoung.  
I was impressed by the company's clean, unique and modern style.
Plus, I'm a sucker for linen, birds and brown!
The great thing is that the linen has a protective coating that allows it to wipe clean.
I'm all set to bring my lunch to work now.  

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