Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coming Soon: Unicorn Notebooks

I finished my first unicorn notebook with graphing paper!
I was inspired by the gentleman of Theta Xi, who sport the unicorn and love to represent their Georgia Tech geeky-studliness.  
You can expect these puppies in the shop any day now.
I had a happy accident with this first guy, I applied modge podge with one of my crappy dried up brushes, and some left-over color mixed in.  
It gave the little guy a nice smoky effect, I'm really pleased. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Work Day: New Paper Cuts

 This will be a tea bag.
This will be a caffeine molecule.
For my Theta Xis....

Friday, February 24, 2012

Might I have a pigeon?

I know some people find them to be ugly creatures, but I have always been particularly fond of pigeons.
Look at their chubby legs and tiny faces.
I want one! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tattoo Envy

This last style is my favorite.  
I love the look of handwritten script.

Big Sis Little Sis

 My little got us a sweet "matching" gift. 

Paper Passion

Inspired by "Between the Folds," a documentary about origami and it's relation to art and science, I went on an internet binge and looked at pretty papers.  
Paper.  And Ink.  They are my medium, my comfort, my delight.  
Old book pages, sheet music, shopping bag scraps--I hoard them all--but I've never purchased fine paper.  
I say fine in the dearest sense of the word.  
A phrase leapt out at me from the documentary: "Achingly beautiful."
Yuzen Pool Gold Waves is my favorite and calls for me every time I go into the shop.  I would paper an entire room with it if I could.  
Thank you Paper*Source for fueling my addiction.

1. Yuzen Pool Gold Waves                  
2. Nautical                    
10. Italy Map

Monday, February 13, 2012

Finished Frame: Spy Style

 Cam and I didn't get to glue our secret agent "threatening letter" onto our frame until the following afternoon.  
It was one of our favorite tasks, I could barely keep up cutting as Cam arranged silly phrases about "our love."  It was an inventive, sweet way to share how we felt about each other, and a sneaky way for me to give him his "gift."  
Later that evening we took a photo that will go in the frame and in his room.  

Your Mission: Spy Date

This weekend Cam and I decided to shake things up and celebrate Valentine's Day with a bang.
I told him to clear his afternoon, and he was surprising me with a romantic evening.
I decided to plan a spy date for us.
The day of I left a suitcase and envelope in Cam's dorm room, and then sent him a text from an undisclosed number reading: 
"It is imperative that you return to your room immediately after your class.  
A package is waiting for you.
More instructions to follow."
When he got to his room, he opened the envelope and read this:
Enclosed was the number of "Agent Lovelace," which forwarded to my cell.  
I picked him up and we were off on our mission.
In graphic design I created different "tasks" for us that were really silly and romantic outings in disguise.
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