Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spoon Spoons at the High Museum of Art

College Night at the High was this past Saturday, and it went wonderfully.
I met up with some Ace Gangers and we all toured the event together--our favorite part being the workshops.  We started off the evening making Pollock-inspired totes.  
What made the evening so enjoyable to me was watching my friends, none of which are artists, engaging in and enjoying art.  
Cam methodically flicked his paint covered tooth brush at his tote, while Chelsey swiped a heart onto her creation.  Everyone chatted and giggled as they squeezed eye droppers and held up their bags to make them drip better.  
My friends also listened patiently as we worked to my art history fun facts, which was very kind of them.
We then went into an adjoining room to the Calder jewelry workshop.  
The room was so crammed that many people sat in the floor.  
The tables were littered with buttons, bits of wire, fabric and spoons.
Cam took a mallet and a set of pliers to a spoon for me and made me a bracelet, which I have worn every day since.  
I asked him to print something sweet onto my spoon.
He disappeared for several loud, clangy minutes and then returned with his gift:
Frustrating and adorable, right?
"But look--" he said, "The o's are spooning."
 Isn't it beautiful?
The Picasso to Warhol exhibit itself was very interesting, as well, but my favorite part of the evening was making art with my friends. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valentines Nonsenseneccessities

These are the sweetest, chubbiest, rolly-polliest most delightfully pinguid bunnies I have ever longed to squish!
The above card and the below plushrooms are so Cam.  
If I can't have a pug now, can I at least keep a baby one in my pocket?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Cave Man's Bananas Foster

Maybe I'm just now catching on to this amazing dessert, or maybe I'm a gourmet...either way, I have one happy tummy.
After waxing educational to my little brother and his friend about healthy eating choices and international cuisine, (I got his friend to try strawberries for the first time--and he liked them--BOOM) I made us all a light and healthy dessert.  
Our newest strawberry convert got vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and strawberries, while little Grant had the marvelous idea of putting bananas in our dishes (this was after his earlier suggestion of carrots, so the sous chef's waves of culinary genius are still a bit sporadic).  
Add a bit of cinnamon and honey, and you're set for an intensely comforting, yet light, dessert.  
Update: just realized I made a cave man's Bananas Foster.  
No fire.
I'm still proud of myself. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Apron Complete!

Miss Rachel finished my apron!
I just drew her what I wanted, and then she did it.
We picked out fabric together last Christmas and we finally got around to having a sewing day over Christmas break.  
My mom, Cam's mom and I sat and watched the Turner Classic Movie Channel and talked all day long.  
Oh, and Mom and I learned how to use our sewing machines. 
Ha.  Still working on that one.
Miss Rachel's taking orders, let me know if you're interested in an apron of your own!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We began etching in Printmaking this evening, and I'm a little apprehensive.  
It's a multi-layored, time-consuming process with lots of tricky tasks and no guarantee of the print looking anything like you'd planned.  
I like having a more direct path between my medium, process and end product.  
I'm hoping to illustrate a scene described in Crane Wife by the Decemberists.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fletcher Notebook

My younger brother. Fletcher, asked for a notebook of his own to show off at school.  
What a great guy.  


Cam and I went on a double date with our friends Andy and Vonnie to a pan-asian restaurant called Noodle.  
With a name so unabashedly simple, I had high expectations for the place.  
It was scrumptious.  
I got a yellow curry vermicelli noodle dish and sipped on Cam's Thai iced tea: a devilishly delicious drink that tastes like cleaner, healthier, yummier Yoohoo. 
Plus it is orange.  
Definitely give this place a try.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sketchbook Complete!

I finished my sketchbook.  Sweat and blood literally went into this book.  I got a workout trying to punch holes through the covers and I gored myself with the upholstery pin when stitching the signatures together.  There is a little bit of blood on the waxed thread now.  
But, I did it, and plan on making more! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Day of Printmaking

 First day of Printmaking, and we are off to a beautiful start..
We're making our sketchbooks for the semester, and I covered mine in sheet music.
It's an evening class, from 6:00-8:30, but I can already tell that it will the best part of my day.

Guilty Pleasure: Shinee

 Shinee is a South Korean boy band.
They are the ultimate, dangerous mixture of feel good music made by cute asian boys performing sick choreographed numbers that reawakens that childhood giddiness we all felt for the Back Street Boys and N*SYNC. 
Always outrageously dressed, singing in Korean and throwing in the occasional English lyric, they are the kind of SuperCheeze that would make my Music Major biffle in Illinois shudder in revulsion.
So what if I can't understand a word?
I can't stop watching their music videos and wishing I could Ring Ding Dong like they do.
Check out their videos Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong.

I also have a slight crush on Jonghyun (center above).

Monday, January 9, 2012

College Night at the High Museum of Art Atlanta

I'm a member of the College Advisory Board for the High Museum of Art Atlanta, and last semester we met and brainstormed ideas for this month's College Night.  I curbed my enthusiasm at the meeting, but later sent the woman in charge an enormous email filled with my ideas.  It is such a thrill to see those ideas put on a poster and it will be even more exciting to see them implemented and enjoyed by other college students!
I'll be there along with my besties, and I look forward to the party!
Check it out:
"Come get to know "Picasso to Warhol" at the High Museum of Art! Strike a pose in a Factory photo booth, drip paint like Jackson Pollock, curate a show in our readymade gallery, and make Calder-inspired jewelry! Plus, check out indie cool kids the Carnivores, neo-soul tastemakers Sweet Release, and join Dance Truck’s dance party with DJ Santiago P├íramo! Not enough? Have a snack at Max’s Kansas City then meet Jasper Johns, Louise Bourgeois and the rest as you walk through "Picasso to Warhol: 14 Modern Masters."

Free for members, $7 with ID. $5 for groups of 10 or more 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Love & Chocolate Chemistry

Organic Chemistry was my favorite part of Chem II back in high school, mostly because it was very doodly and visual.
Polly Linn Silver Jewelry Designs features chemical structures in her jewelry.    
Nerdy, chic and funny.
I want the tribute to chocolate and to love.

New Year's Truffles

2 bags chocolate chips 
1 cup/can sweetened condensed milk
1 tbs vanilla

1.Mix chocolate chips and condensed milk and zap in microwave for a minute and a half, but stop and stir every 30 seconds.  
2. Add the vanilla, and let set for three-ish hours, or until firm.  
3. Scoop out the mix and roll in toppings of your choice.  
I had the most difficulty with the coconut and nuts.
The non-pareils worked alright, but sugar textured sprinkles worked best.  

Crafty Clean

 May I never tire of lauding my love.  
He made me a ribbon rack for Christmas.
My life just got so much less tangly.  
AND on New Year's Day he worked with me until 6:00PM finishing the organizing of my craft area. 
I've spent the better part of the break pulling out every crafty thing I own and placing it in piles in the basement.  I thought my parents would feint when they saw it all out at once.  You couldn't move an inch without getting poked by something pretty.  
Well, Cam worked tirelessly (almost, we did have to take a spaghetti break) until everything was sparkling.  
Tip: if you need to pick up tiny bits lost in nooks in crannies, rubber band panty hose over the pipe of a vacuum cleaner and suck them up.  
The panty hose will catch everything you need.  

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ace Gang Explores Deserted Hilton Head--A Trip in Pictures

I thought I'd do a string of related posts, but I decided to cram everything into one long photo extravaganza.  
The Ace Gang went on another adventure--taking one retirement community at a time.  Our Senior trip was to Amelia Island, and the scenery at Hilton Head was eerily similar.  I said that these retirement communities must come from a kit: winding trails, palm trees, moss, boats, horses and bicycles.  
It was a perfect, restful trip spent with the oldest and best of friends, a nice break before Amy leaves for Spain and the rest of us return to classes.  
We really did feel like a bunch of old ladies--our first night we were all asleep by 11:15, a feat I haven't managed since before entering college.  
Before setting out we watched five episodes of Pretty Little Liars back to back, which made for a great  running joke about us wandering this empty town pursued by A.  
Chelsey snuck into the bathroom and wrote this on the mirror in lipstick.  
(We purchased a pound and a half of fudge.)
 It was very beautiful, and very cold.
 The Chocolate Canopy is a must-visit.  The gentleman who owns the shop was incredibly sweet, offered us tons of samples and told all about the making of chocolate. 
 As it turns out, most commercial chocolates contain paraffin wax to keep them from melting in transit or in store rooms.  His chocolate does not, and it was delicious. My favorites were the French chocolate shells and the non-parriels.  

We joked that the whole island felt like a doll house: most places were closed for the season and we felt like the only tourists on the island. 
It leant a giddy, nervous feeling to our nature trail--a fun game.  
I was so excited when we stopped by a little country gas station and I found Cheerwine and Sixlets! 
 We could not believe this guy!  That boat was hardly hooked on!
 Our entire trip was truly centered around food, which suited us perfectly.  
Trip Advisor was incredibly handy, and recommended fantastic local eats.  
 We made a pit stop in Athens to (of course) grab some food, and after stuffing ourselves, we thought, of course we must have cake! 
 We headed over to The Last Resort and together consumed nearly $50 worth of cake.  
I'm proud to list myself among the modest one-slicers, but those who had two helpings felt no shame.  
I can't express what a luxurious, slow and delightful trip it was...proof that we can enjoy time spent together wherever we go: locked in the car from the cold watching the sunset, eating disturbing amounts of tollhouse, playing count the graveyard or attempting to complete a game of spanish scrabble without cheating in our hotel room.
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