Friday, January 6, 2012

Ace Gang Explores Deserted Hilton Head--A Trip in Pictures

I thought I'd do a string of related posts, but I decided to cram everything into one long photo extravaganza.  
The Ace Gang went on another adventure--taking one retirement community at a time.  Our Senior trip was to Amelia Island, and the scenery at Hilton Head was eerily similar.  I said that these retirement communities must come from a kit: winding trails, palm trees, moss, boats, horses and bicycles.  
It was a perfect, restful trip spent with the oldest and best of friends, a nice break before Amy leaves for Spain and the rest of us return to classes.  
We really did feel like a bunch of old ladies--our first night we were all asleep by 11:15, a feat I haven't managed since before entering college.  
Before setting out we watched five episodes of Pretty Little Liars back to back, which made for a great  running joke about us wandering this empty town pursued by A.  
Chelsey snuck into the bathroom and wrote this on the mirror in lipstick.  
(We purchased a pound and a half of fudge.)
 It was very beautiful, and very cold.
 The Chocolate Canopy is a must-visit.  The gentleman who owns the shop was incredibly sweet, offered us tons of samples and told all about the making of chocolate. 
 As it turns out, most commercial chocolates contain paraffin wax to keep them from melting in transit or in store rooms.  His chocolate does not, and it was delicious. My favorites were the French chocolate shells and the non-parriels.  

We joked that the whole island felt like a doll house: most places were closed for the season and we felt like the only tourists on the island. 
It leant a giddy, nervous feeling to our nature trail--a fun game.  
I was so excited when we stopped by a little country gas station and I found Cheerwine and Sixlets! 
 We could not believe this guy!  That boat was hardly hooked on!
 Our entire trip was truly centered around food, which suited us perfectly.  
Trip Advisor was incredibly handy, and recommended fantastic local eats.  
 We made a pit stop in Athens to (of course) grab some food, and after stuffing ourselves, we thought, of course we must have cake! 
 We headed over to The Last Resort and together consumed nearly $50 worth of cake.  
I'm proud to list myself among the modest one-slicers, but those who had two helpings felt no shame.  
I can't express what a luxurious, slow and delightful trip it was...proof that we can enjoy time spent together wherever we go: locked in the car from the cold watching the sunset, eating disturbing amounts of tollhouse, playing count the graveyard or attempting to complete a game of spanish scrabble without cheating in our hotel room.

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