Saturday, January 7, 2012

Crafty Clean

 May I never tire of lauding my love.  
He made me a ribbon rack for Christmas.
My life just got so much less tangly.  
AND on New Year's Day he worked with me until 6:00PM finishing the organizing of my craft area. 
I've spent the better part of the break pulling out every crafty thing I own and placing it in piles in the basement.  I thought my parents would feint when they saw it all out at once.  You couldn't move an inch without getting poked by something pretty.  
Well, Cam worked tirelessly (almost, we did have to take a spaghetti break) until everything was sparkling.  
Tip: if you need to pick up tiny bits lost in nooks in crannies, rubber band panty hose over the pipe of a vacuum cleaner and suck them up.  
The panty hose will catch everything you need.  

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