Thursday, February 23, 2012

Paper Passion

Inspired by "Between the Folds," a documentary about origami and it's relation to art and science, I went on an internet binge and looked at pretty papers.  
Paper.  And Ink.  They are my medium, my comfort, my delight.  
Old book pages, sheet music, shopping bag scraps--I hoard them all--but I've never purchased fine paper.  
I say fine in the dearest sense of the word.  
A phrase leapt out at me from the documentary: "Achingly beautiful."
Yuzen Pool Gold Waves is my favorite and calls for me every time I go into the shop.  I would paper an entire room with it if I could.  
Thank you Paper*Source for fueling my addiction.

1. Yuzen Pool Gold Waves                  
2. Nautical                    
10. Italy Map

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