Friday, April 20, 2012

Newest Craving

For a lovely close to a night on the town, Cam and I were craving something sweet.  
As a special adventure, he took me to Whole Foods Market.  
Help was the best grocery shopping experience ever...
but there is a reason they call it "Whole Check." 
I digress.
Cam walked me through the fallacies in my decision-making process as I paced up and down the frozen food aisle.  
Apparently I take a little while, suddenly fear that I am taking too long, and rush into a poor decision.
After helping me to understand that spending his money on something I wouldn't finish made him far more frustrated than me taking ten minutes to pick out gelato, I was able to ease up and make an informed decision.
This is what heaven tastes like.  
Warm, smooth and then filled with delightful chunkies.
I bought it again at my Gainesville Publix two days later and had it for dinner.
Even though gelato has less fat than regular ice cream, I do not think it was ever intended to be consumed by the pint.  
Oh well.
For my next gelato adventure I'll split the pint with Cam. 
Actually, I'll have it all to myself because the next time I have gelato I will be in Italy sampling the real thing!!!!
However, when I return to blah blah America, I will fall back on Talenti
Here are the flavors to which I look forward:

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