Monday, April 30, 2012

Washi Tape Splurge

I've watched Washi Tape rise in popularity, beginning as a crafter's phenomenon and eventually filtering down into Martha Stewart Crafts (no shame, I love me some Martha Stewart).
But I always remained an envious spectator.
Washi tape is a kind of patterned, semi-translucent tape that has the texture and adhesive properties of packaging tape.
It is simple and beautiful, but I could never plunk down the cash to get a full role in a pattern I couldn't commit to--Cam will testify to my indecisive nature.  
I found an offer I simply couldn't resist, solving all of my problems: Lacey B. of Le Box Boutique sells oodles of packaging supplies for other etsy sellers and amateur crafters.
Her most recent sale was a sample package of washi tape: 8 rolls in two foot length samples for $5.92--pick you flavors.  
So now I'm working on covering my keyboard in bits and pieces of my soul.  

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