Friday, November 23, 2012

Bloom Market 2

Two weekends ago I sold my work at the second annual Bloom Market Craft Fair.  
This year we had a change in venue and increase in vendors, and it turned out beautifully.
This year, in lieu of paper-cut, I made custom illustrated notebooks with ink.  
Last year I had noticed a definite uptick in sales when I offered to personalize notebooks by adding names to them in ink.  
This year I went the whole hog and said I design whatever they wanted on the spot, and they could pick it up ten to fifteen minutes later after shopping.  
It was a roaring success.
This year's venue, Tannery Hall, was gorgeous, and the decorations suited the location perfectly. 
 It was so cozy.
 Here's a look at my booth! 
I hid behind the typewriter and cranked out notebooks while my bestie, Amber, handled the cash.
I kept several samples up front for inspiration.
I ended up doing a lot of bible verses and princesses, as it turned out.   
However, I'm drawing a camera and volleyball in the photo.
All the above photos were taken by Kari Walker, the creator of Bloom Market.

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