Monday, December 10, 2012

New Watch, New Radio, Steady Love

I may sound like a scratched cd, but over and over again I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the love God has given me in Cam.  
We're going on six and a half years right now, and still God reveals new ways to love, communicate, compromise and learn from one another.  
For Christmas this year, we exchanged watches.  
We both knew what the other was ordering, so we simply got too impatient and gave our gifts last weekend.   
Mine is a lovely brown and brass watch, stamped with bold, chrome numbering and with thick, contrasting stitching on the leather strap: Little Havana by TOKYObay.  
I love it so much and have worn it every day.
I purchased Cam an automatic skeleton watch by Kenneth Cole.  
What is interesting about his is that the movement of his arms charges the watch--also you can see straight through it to the inner mechanisms.  
My mechanical engineer loves it.  
In addition to a gorgeous watch, Cam sweetly purchased me a new radio for my car and installed it this weekend.
We spent two sleepy hours attempting to heat solder and taking apart my dash whilst listening to Sufjan Stevens and the rain plinking on the hood of my car. 
The majority of time Cam and I spend together is also spent in the company of friends, which we do intentionally.  
Alone time is more frugally spent, and far more precious.
We are the best team, and that afternoon was one of my favorites we've spent together in a long time.  
After installing the radio we wrapped up the quiet evening with brie, chocolate almond cake, and a pot of chai at our familiar favorite: Cafe Intermezzo.
Cam, your conversation, kisses, and steady presence break my heart anew every time we see each other.  
Thanks for the radio.  

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