Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mini Can Cakes: Funfetti Flavored

Inspired by our new little fairy door, I thought I'd try my hand at baking miniatures.
These are three of the homeliest little cakes I have ever made.
I tried my hand at tin can cakes, and was fairly successful:
I baked four, and came out with three topsy-turvy little uglies.  
 1. Remove paper from cans and wash thoroughly.
I ended up using four for one standard box cake mix.
The mix I used was a simple yellow cake mix, and then I threw in sprinkles to make them funfetti.  
Not bad.
2. Grease and flour the insides of the cans thoroughly.  
This is very important, because you want you little cakes to pop right out after cooling.
3.  Fill cans with batter until they are just above half way full.
WARNING: Do not be liberal with your pours.  
Better to underestimate than over.  
I was too generous with my first can and it spilled over in the oven. 
4. I baked mine for about 20 minutes on 350 degrees.  
However, I wish I'd zapped them for an extra five to ten because, thought the tops were bouncy and done, the very bottoms were mushy.
 5.  Pick a fun contrasting color for you icing and mix it while you wait!
 6.  As you can see my left one bubbled up.  
Check you mini cakes with a toothpick.
 7. Ta-Dah!  
Let them cool completely.  
Then run a knife along the edges of the cakes and upturn the cans to allow the little chubbs to fall out on a plate.  
8. Slice them in thirds or fourths.  I should have done fourths, they would have been more stable.
WARNING:  Do not mix up the pieces or you will end up with very topsy turvy cakes like mine! 
9. Ice.
10. Enjoy!  

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