Thursday, March 31, 2011

SmARTY Pants

End of the Season 
by William Merritt Chase

Saturday Salon
by Frederick Childe Hassan

Wash Day, A Back Yard Reminiscence of Brooklyn 
by William Merritt Chase

by Mark Jenkins

by Mark Jenkins

by Mark Jenkins

Today I spent time with two different kinds of artwork: In Art History we lingered over American Impressionism, and I especially enjoyed the paintings of William Merritt Chase and Frederick Childe Hassam.  Food for thought: For who else in history but American artists between 1850-1950  and American assassins do we remember all three names?  

During 3-D Design we concentrated on installation artwork, and I'm a fan of the surprise that comes with stumbling across one of Mark Jenkin's packaging tape creations.   

I am now sitting at my laptop praying that my books I ordered from B&N with my Christmas giftcard will get here before tomorrow afternoon!  I've been waiting on The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey and The Anime Art of Hayoa Miyazaki by Dani Cayallaro.  I want to be able to read them on the ride up to North Carolina for our Sisterhood Retreat!

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