Monday, July 1, 2013

Snapshots of Cumberland: A Proposal

Sorry for taking the entire month of June off from blogging.
I'm back!
This post could be poetic, romantic, humorous, or vague.
I'm just typing.
Cam took me on an impromptu day trip to Cumberland Island four weeks ago. 
Or so I thought.
I'm so glad that I snagged so many shots of the little details of that time and place, because I'm told that most people forget anything that was said or happened of the day they got engaged.
There were beautiful twisty live oaks like I remembered. 
We'd climbed on them when we were 14, speaking about our hearts for the first time, opening them for the first time, knowing for the first time.  
A fluffy, cloud-filled and sunny sky on a day miraculously sandwiched inside of a week's worth of hurricane rains.    
 The ruins of Dungeness and the Park Ranger who made Cam pretend to be a Native American chief.
 A quick picnic lunch as we plot our trajectory across the island.  
I have no idea that had I reached into the other bag, I would of grabbed hold of the socks wrapping the secret.
 A hike that turned into a trek that turned into a nervous trot, that I would not allow to turn into a full-out jog down the beach, consulting our watches as Cam says, "We have to get back to Dungeness!"
 The turn we should have taken that would have trimmed out travel time.
My confusion and naiveté regarding Cam's sudden passion for a spot half-way across the island.
 The field where Cam told me I was beautiful, and I told him I that I loved him.
 The many things that happened in between that field and this little box: the baby colt, the four hundred year old trees, the bended knee, and my numb, exhausted, joy.  
 The ring that is practically perfect in every way, a piece of treasured history, and a genuine surprise.
 The stories he unraveled of how he'd prepared for this day, asked my parents permission, and sneakily carved into my calendar this special day like the jewelry box he'd been carving for months.  
The absolutely overwhelming sensations of calm and rightness.
The sparkling new word fiancĂ©e, glittering like my ring, and the joy of hearing it from my father's mouth for the first time.  

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