Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Traveler's Diary: Choosing to Love

I am the peer assistant for a freshman seminar taught by my favorite professor.  
So far I have enjoyed getting to know and assisting the girls in my class.  
The professor, Mary Beth and I met up yesterday to chat about an activity we’d be demonstrating for our girls.  
Based on their assigned reader, Matched, we each brought an “artifact” to show to the class--the sole item we would keep from our heritage if we were living in the dystopian society of the novel.  Mary Beth brought a gorgeous crazy quilt that belonged to her great grandmother, and I brought my dad’s traveler’s diary, barely twenty years old.  
I selected the diary because within its contents are my father’s feelings and inner dialogue as he is courting my mother.  
Within this special book are my origins.  
The reason I love it so much is, as I have always said, that my parents are the ones who taught me how to love.  
How to choose to love.  
Within the pages I see my father’s choice not only to love my mother, though time, geographic distance, class, religion and a variety of other factors separated them, but his choice to love me, too.  
They have taught me to be a friend, they have taught me how to love Cam.  
I have found in life that love often begins with a the uncontrollable flail of an infant’s arm...but once we have caught hold of that feeling we may begin to exercise flex it and train it and make our love a strong, robust and usable thing, far less fragile than the random flailing of a newborn. 
We choose to love, and the choice makes our love grow stronger.  

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  1. Hi Rachel! :)

    Oh what a beautiful post. And how romantic that your father wrote about his romance with your Mom. It sounds like something out of a Nicholas Sparks' novel!
    I am sure it filled with you beautiful passages.

    By the way, I started a new blog and would love for you to visit when you have the time!

    Take care love,


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