Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Website Design for Optick's Paintbox

My second big project for Advanced Graphics was to construct a website for an imaginary company in Photoshop.  
I kept in my style and made "Optick's Paintbox", a luxury watercolor supply company.  
I wanted to make a site that embraced and lauded the texture and transparency of watercolor, making any sentimental artist turn away from brand-cheap Dick Blick and pine for a Paintbox.
I was inspired by the title page of Newton's Opticks: or a Treatise on the Reflexions,  Inflexions and Colours of Light.
I loved the font, and the science and history behind the work, and I used it as a springboard for my design.  
This is my secondary page for the site.
Here's the title page of Newton's Opticks.

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