Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining: Saying Goodbye to Mike

These past few weeks in Atlanta before I begin my internship have been deliciously unbooked.
This has given me ample time to spend with the people I care about and explore the city I love.
One of those most important to me is my friend, Mike, who just accepted a job in San Francisco and left this Monday for a road trip from East to West.  
We've had a Goodbye Mike Party, many prayers have been laid upon him, and he has now driven his blueberry car far, far way from me.
But, I never felt discouraged: like my new hanging sign says, every cloud has a silver lining.
Last week afforded me the opportunity to galavant across Atlanta with Mike hunting for home goodies.
I sent him on his merry way with three monotypes I had made my Sophomore year, along with a bevy of ideas and little pieces of Atlanta to place in his new home.
We sipped on my favorite bubble tea, explored my new favorite antique and oddities warehouse, Paris on Ponce, and talked about all the adventures he was going to have and of when Cam and I would fly out to meet him for our first wedding anniversary.  
The Lord blesses so unexpectedly and abundantly, and I am so grateful for this season I have had with Mike,  only one year since I really met my dear darling friend and fellow lover of watercolor.  
I will be praying over you Mike, and beginning our own Extraordinary Correspondence promptly.  
My favorite Thai Bubble tea from Atlanta's new Honey Bubble which we cleverly snagged with a 50% off Scout Mob coupon!
So psyched that there is a Scout Mob for San Fran as well: 
now Mike can look like an urban insider and know where all the finest local gems are located.  
Magnets for Mike showcasing some of his favorite parts of Atlanta: 
Tech Tower, The Varsity, The Fox, and Bobby Dodd Stadium.  
Some little Mexican tiles that I convinced Mike to purchase since they were a steal and his favorite color and would make his apartment look awesome.
 Initiate operation Pen Pal.  

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