Thursday, May 30, 2013

Trucks & Pops

One of the rites of passage in becoming a true Atlantaian is a trip to the Atlanta Food Truck Park.
However, this can hardly be a harshly enforced prerequisite, since this Park only just celebrated its first birthday.  
A more strongly enforced rule would definitely be to visit the rainbow umbrella'd King of Pops carts, as they have been a more long-standing tradition.
Both the Food Truck Park and the many King of Pops carts that dot the Atlanta landscape are near to my heart.
Both bring a wheeling change of flavors from visit to visit.  
My favorite food truck is Masala Fresh, and I can hardly pick a favorite pop.
There are dozens of flavors I have yet to try.
So, whenever a friend comes down to visit, it is absolutely perfunctory that we stop by the Food Truck Park and sit at the sunlit picnic tables, slurping on some pops.  

 Above Photo taken by Erik R. Pearson

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