Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cheers to La Mongerie

For Alpha Gamma Delta's Gamma Retreat, I planned a day in Atlanta that began with brunch at La Mongerie.
I selected this particular bakery and bistro because its website and photos looked extravagant enough for Marie Antoinette and yet had prices fitting the rest of us commoners who just want a cheap slice of cake. 
I am so happy to report that the entire experience was divine.
Their motto is "southern comfort with french influence," and they hit the nail on the head.
We felt like queens, sitting in white baroque chairs and gazing up at the crystal chandeliers as we sipped on our berry water and munched on chicken and waffles.  
The food was too delicious, and the wait staff were friendly, chatty and helpful. 
La Mongerie has two locations (we hit the one on Ponce) and they are working on a third.  
I highly recommend swinging by for brunch.

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