Tuesday, March 12, 2013

World's Best

I wandered around Target clutching this little plastic carnival tent container indecisively. 
 It was the last one.  
I put it back twice, and even considered hiding it behind some stuff,
and coming back for it later when I had extra cash.  
When I run errands, I keep a firm grip on my shopping list, and always recite the same thing to myself before walking in: 
"If it wasn't a need when I walked in,
it won't be a need when I walk out." 
Meaning: don't buy random crap just because it is on sale.  
However, extreme mark-downs and/or items discovered on my long-term shopping list can be decided on a case-by-case basis.  
And then the check-out lady scanned it.
It was twenty-three cents.
Less than a quarter.
I needed an adorable snack container, because, let's face it:
 I don't purchase, carry, or wear anything that I am not crazy about and no way was I spending five bucks on a pack of the Glad brand to hold my sugar packets.  
This container now graces my tea tray and makes me smile while also encapsulating my sweeteners--which is its cute little job.  

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