Thursday, November 17, 2011

Banner Bliss

After Feast of Roses, we all shed our fancy dress and got on our hands and knees to knock out our Greek Week Banner.  The week's theme was "As Seen On TV."  
Spoiler alert: we won first place! 
 But even if we hadn't, it would have been worth it for the rare and precious time we all had together working on the banner.  
It didn't end up being me or our other artist, Shiloh, doing it on our own.  
I drew everything out, and then everybody helped paint.  
It was such a blessing to see people who weren't comfortable with the medium proudly pointing at the banner and squealing: 
"I painted those letters!" or "I did the frog!"  
It was the new members' first night as officially initiated members of Alpha Gamm, and it was an evening well spent.                                                        

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