Friday, July 6, 2012

Swirls & Dots

Last night's Art if for Everyone project was my favorite so far (although it seems that each succeeding week becomes my new favorite).
We did confetti-dipped & marbled drinking glasses.
The guys loved it and made some really beautiful marbled glasses.
If you want to try either project on your own check here for a confetti tutorial and here for a marbled tutorial.  
We ended up using colored nail polish with a clear coat on both projects with cheap glassware purchased from Goodwill.   
I love how my two confetti tumblers turned out.  
I'm going to make 8 so that I'll have a complete set.  
Georgia Tech colors!
 The guys played a great deal with the air bubbles and spots made from the oil and water interacting.
Here it the bottom of one of my confetti glasses!

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