Wednesday, April 3, 2013

An Engineer's Coffee Pot

Here are some photos of my first major experiment in working on a dream I've had for quite some time: to sketch on brown paper with mixed media, ephemera and bleeding color.
This piece was fraught with sweat and joy and eventual heartache.
A life-sized assignment is quite the undertaking.
My friend, Erik, agreed to pose with his coffee pot (a common prop for this coffee connoisseur).
I love how all of my Georgia Tech Theta Xis examine things: with this child-like, and yet calculated and highly intelligent curiosity.
I am most in love with the hand and coffee pot section of the piece.
There are many things I will change next time.
I definitely need to improve my collage technique, use nice pastels (so that they won't darken when spray fixed and cause me to weep in frustration at four weeks work melting away), and develop the background.

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