Monday, April 29, 2013

Tea Time

Today is my first day of summer vacation, and I have eased into this grey morning.
I enjoyed a sweet phone call with my almost cousin-in-law about sewing (I'm finally going to learn!), a beautiful quiet time in the breakfast nook, and wrote a host of to-do lists for this next ten days before I move to Atlanta for my internship.  
Oh, and I finally used my new tea ball and loose leaf to make some grown-up tea that my dear friend, Bowen, got me for Christmas.  
Every break I drink copious amounts of tea, and it always drives my mother nuts the amount of little accessories that I have to leave out on the countertop.
So, I dug through my dowry corner of the basement (totally have one of those now for all of my family's thrifting been doing for Cam and I) and pulled out two antique trays from my grandmother.  
I'm so happy to put them to use: I love when the beautiful can be made practical.  

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