Tuesday, April 30, 2013

As You Wish

Since taking so many portrait shots for my photography class, it has become increasingly more important to me to have some record of my adorable parents.
Since my youngest brother, Grant, was born ten years ago, my mom hasn't agreed to pose for photos.
Which is silly, because she is gorgeous.
My dad approached me and asked if I would do a couple shoot for the two of them, because he really wanted photos to capture their relationship.
Which was incredibly sweet.
Thus began the project of convincing Mom.
However, in the end I put on the famous Rachel "game face" and steam rolled her with having everything set up and arranged in advance.  
I find it best to just be bossy with her sometimes.
It turned out beautifully.
She and Dad were their silly, flirty selves, and Mom really seemed to relax when I spoke to her about the poses I had in mind for the two of them.
The trick was looking back at photos of the pair that Mom liked from when they were first married.
I loved this project--it was my favorite kind: a challenge to capture people's personalties, digging through road blocks and arriving at a natural, genuine, and successful finish.  
Story: this past Christmas, my dad surprised my mom with different monster finger puppets.
They were like a silly advent calendar.
Since Christmas, the puppets have accompanied my Dad into surgery, made their way all around the house with love notes and small conquests on neighboring knick knacks, and have even been stuffed down vases when the love birds got into an argument.
I really wanted to remember this time with my parents, when all of our relationships with one another are at their very strongest.  

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