Thursday, June 23, 2011


I didn't take the above shot, I can't remember where I found it.  
But it looks like my soul.  
I looked at this summer with a plan of attack: to combat my innate noodly-doodly unorganized-distracted-ness, I always formulate a regimented list of THINGS TO DO.  
As usual, God told me to slow down.  
Don’t create because you have too.
Stop and smell the roses.
Which I am only too keen to do.

So with His guidance I have been gently rambling, following a path he has laid before me that reveals lives to affect and new friends to make, epiphanies to have and things to create.  
I have heard so many inspiring stories.  
Reasons to remember that He is Love and to show it.  
Convictions and truths that sprouted and are now growing, climbing toward maturity (give it a lifetime).  Things wrapped in more than paper.  
Dunked in joy, sprinkled with understanding.  
I am an incredibly decisive agonizing, I think and then I act.  
God has shown me the strength he has granted me in this, when for a long time I thought it was a weakness.  
To be decisive in the decisions He wants me to make...and to wait on Him when the waters are not warm enough to dive in. 

It’s like a tremendous trapeze, or acrobatic act.  
I’m flung at great speeds, required to wait, wait, wait and then 
And I’m flying through a thrilling emptiness and then caught once more.  
There was never any question. 
Only Him.  

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