Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wait on the Lord

I just listened to the latest teaching at Grace Midtown:
Wait on the Lord preached by Chris Moerman.
Grace Midtown truly feels like my home church, even though it is in Atlanta, an hour away from me and I'm only able to attend on the scattered weekends that I visit Cam.
But God has done bigger things and spoken to people in stranger ways.

This sermon about waiting on the Lord never being time wasted was a message that I needed to hear.  My blog has been going well, I have real live readers now, it's summer time and I just want to get MOVING with my business.
 I want to be out of the house, out of college, finally get married to Cam and make my living making things for people!   
But when I look back on the times that I have had to wait, when not moving, not knowing was excruciating...those were the times that he truly shaped me.
When I let go and said,
"Your will, not mine. "  
Waiting brought me to Cam.
Waiting brought me to Brenau.
Waiting brought me to incredible friendships.
Waiting brought me to new knowledge.
Waiting brought me to renewed faith and closer to Him.  
So I will wait, because His plans and His timing are always better than my own.  

Check out the sermon at Grace Midtown Online.  


  1. How awesome Rachel! I just went through some of you material and I am blown away. To be honest, I never really knew this side of you existed, but I see now that this is what you do!..Awesome

    After reading the blog above I realize that I couldn't have seen it at a better time.

    See you soon,
    Jayne. A

    1. Jayne, I just now read this comment. Your words of affirmation have blessed me, and I am so glad that the post helped you. His timing is perfect!


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