Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Antico was a perfectly crafted experience.  
Cam, Durham and I picked through the list of pizzas--as I coached their Italian pronunciation--and eventually selected a spicy Diavola, (devil) now typing the name of which is making my mouth water once more.
Perfectly gooey and charred, the pizza arrives on a simple pan and is placed before you at any of the butcher block family style tables you select in the crowded kitchen/dining area.  
As you have an emotional encounter with your pizza, you can watch the craftsman prepare the newest orders while Italian opera blasts in your ears and those around you shout over the noise.  
Their schedule for a typical Saturday: 
"11:30 AM until out of dough."
   The gentleman who engineered the vision for Antico harbored a passion for Pizza Napoletena and for the Verace Artiginale, or "True Artisan" method of making pizza.   
Meaning "ancient," Antico creates pizza based on an ancient process that has been passed down for generations.  
Please go to their site to check out more of the interesting story and craft of Antico, home of the best pizza in Atlanta.
No plates.  Just the pizza tin and a roll of brown paper towels.
In order to eat the pizza correctly, you have to fold the slice in half and tuck in the point.
Cam and I each had our first cannoli
(Although to say it correctly in Italian, you would say the singular "cannola")
I had Cannoli Tradizionale and he had one with coconut and chocolate, but I can't remember it's name.
Directly translated, I think it would be called cannoli noce di cocco e cioccolato

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