Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Date with myself

I had such a wonderful, relaxing weekend with Cam.  
When I pulled back into Alpha Gamm, though, I felt a weight.
As bubbly as I am, I am an introvert, and this past two months God has been working wonders in my life.   
I knew that he had called me to lead in a big way this semester, but I suppose I'd imagined rounding up girls for massive bible studies or events or something.  I don't know...something vaguely crowded.
I have found that instead, he has called me to do something more filling and more difficult.
He has me talk to everyone.
I mean people in the elevator, elderly couples at the dermatologist and my sisters.  
I have not had any alone time, which is very critical for my non-depressionness.  
But, God has filled me with so much light and has just spoken through me to everyone.  
And when assignments weren't accomplished on time, due dates were miraculously pushed back by professors.  
So, I feel as if I've been floating.
But when I got home Sunday night, I discovered an unoccupied hour and a half that I had all to myself.  
And so I took myself on a date.
I went to our Mellow Mushroom, which in Gainesville is so quirky and classy, and asked for a table for one.
I was immediately led to a tiny table out on the porch--so perfect.
I spent a blissful ninety minutes slowly munching on my pesto chicken pizza, sipping on my arnold palmer and being greeted by Carrots the pizza cat.  
Oh...and I sketched
I was so very quietly content.  

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  1. So wonderful!! Sometimes, we need to treat ourselves...a little pampering! It sounds like a lovely and peaceful evening!

    And how wonderful that you even found some time to draw! :))


    The link should take you to my submission for your recipe collecting project!! Enjoy~


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