Thursday, September 1, 2011

Seeing Pink and Green

 Great news, I can see!  
Today I visited a new eye doctor and left with new vision!
I've always felt that my contact prescriptions were a little off, and my mom has always complained that I still squint.
Well, it's a bright and beautiful world that I've been missing all these years.
Not missing, I suppose, but it was a considerably fuzzier one that I've known.
Dr. Shannon's office is in one of the many white houses that dot downtown Gainesville and has been here his whole life.
His is special because it has kookie green and pink trim.
No one wants to hear their eye doctor say they were once a little tipsy with paint...but that's how it got there!
Needless to say, I am very happy with my new doctor.  Very gruff but very sweet, he was fair, spoke plainly, and explained everything to me.
At my old place I just nervously answered "Yes" and "No" without any real conviction and then a magic wand was waved:
"Here's your magic prescription!"
During my eye exam Dr. Shannon scooted back from me and said, "Look...your answers are all over the place and make no sense.  Stop trying to help me.  Just relax and be honest.  I can tell I'm going to have to trick you into your prescription."
And he did!

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  1. What a lovely little place! So glad to hear you're doing well! This post reminds me now- I have to make an appointment to get my eyes checked! :)

    Enjoy the lovely weather,


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