Monday, September 5, 2011

Café Intermezzo

 One of my favorite treats in Atlanta so far would be Café Intermezzo,  an all-nighter coffee shop filled to the gills with people, coffee and culture.  I love the crowded, buzzing, intimate and anonymous atmosphere-- all hallmarks of my favorite haunts.  I've only gone late in the evening, so I haven't sampled their breakfast items.  Instead I've enjoyed their decadent cakes and coffees.  Cam and I dangled from our high back chairs and munched as he asked me questions about all the art hanging on the walls.    
Intermezzo is defined as another word for interlude.
Here is a blurb about the idea behind Café Intermezzo.
"The European coffeehouse…so prevalent, so popular, so common in the nineteenth century Hapsburg Empire cities of Vienna, Prague and Budapest.  You have your table, you have your chair, you have your exact spot at your coffeehouse where you plan, where you ponder, where you promote the life you begin anew each day.  You read the paper, you learn what’s new, you admire a new visitor whom you muster the courage to invite to your table for a cappuccino. " 


  1. I love your photos, Rachel!! You have such lovely posts all the time!
    This seems like a lovely place...I wish I had one where I live!
    I would like to soon take some time and travel...see the world a least I hope! I have a long list of placed throughout the country I would love to visit and dine at and now I can add Cafe Intermezzo!


  2. If you are ever in town, let me know, and I'll be your personal guide! And then we can meet for pastries and coffee!


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