Sunday, May 15, 2011

Red Hot Crafty Tea

After our Senior Trip last summer, my best friends from high school dubbed ourselves the "Ace Gang" based on the sweet British coming-of-age story Angus Thongs & Full Frontal Snogging.  Members of the Ace Gang met at Amy's house for a "Crafty Tea": refreshments and delicacies provided by Master Chef Amy and crafty bits led by yours truly.  My bestie mates were hesitant at the prospect of crafting, this is normally my sole territory, but I promised them a simple project that would leave them feeling quite accomplished. However, after dinner, smoke began spewing forth into the kitchen.  Unfortunately during fire safety training, we were never taught how to put out a fire in a locked oven.  Madness ensued, and after we located the circuit breakers and sheepishly called my dad, the evening was saved.  
For the craft night, I asked the ladies to provide their odds and ends: ribbons, doo-dads and broken jewelry along with bobby pins and head bands.  I provided magnetic strip, my expansive collection of little diddlies and super glue.  I am proud to say that they all did splendidly, and we each have lots of new hair accessories and magnets.  
Amy cooked us chocolate chip scones and hot tea while we chatted, and then served a Four Cheese Margerhita Pizza, a cranberry salad and White Chocolate Raspberry cheese cake.  
It was a full evening.  

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