Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I'd barely been in Atlanta an hour when Cam asked, 
"So, no one is in town for us to hang out with, what would you like to do?"  
 "You know better than me."  
His perfect answer: 
I love him.
The above are crayons from Anthropologie (I'd never been in the store before, very exciting) and they were having a sale.  I still didn't touch my wallet, everything cost much too much.  
Here was a handmade cloth picture book full of monsters with silly names.  
This one was the Whatwasthatus: "the things that go bump, ping, thrrrrrp and click in the night." It was a beautiful book, and enormous.  It's price was massive, too, over $1,200!
We went to several other home furnishing stores, which are always our favorite to shop through.  We love to talk about our dream house.
Cam is the perfect shopping partner in that he lets me jump and squeal and ooh and ahh over everything without getting worked up himself.  He instead asks many detailed questions about my tastes, why I enjoy particular items, and what functions I need my future furniture to serve.  He did lose his cool a time or two in Ikea upon discovering slam-proof cabinetry and "the chair."
We agree on just about everything and he's always eager to make me the pricey stuff himself.  
As he phrased it: "I'll make our home and you'll make it look good."

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