Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Visual Note-Taking

 This morning I stumbled upon a webinar (web seminar):VISUAL NOTE-TAKING 101 SXSW PANEl, in which were discussed techniques and practical applications for visual note-taking. 
 I was just discussing with my buddy Bowen how I was never a hard-core journaler, but enjoyed sketching little doodles and snippets about the events of a fun weekend I had had or special moments that I wanted to remember.  I occasionally would doodle when taking notes, as well, but switched to my lap top when I got to college.  
I'm planning on reawakening this compulsive urge to doodle my thoughts, ideas and circumstances.  Helpful in the synthesis and organization of information, visual note-taking allows you to formulate a hierarchy and capture key ideas rather than acting the stenographer.  Also emphasized was that you needn't be an artist to be an effective visual note-taker.  Provided were basic tools, symbols and formulas for simple and clear typography, organization and illustration.
I hope to use this technique for personal journaling and for taking notes.  I've long since used it for brainstorming projects.  It's something I'd like to present as VP Scholarship to Alpha Gamm in the Fall, offering sisters an alternative method of taking notes and studying.  

Here is a link to the webinar: 

This was torn off of a sheet of butcher paper laid on a table at Cheesecake Bistro.  My friends had all surprised me in Atlanta for my birthday, and I asked the waiter for some crayons and feverishly cataloged my perfect weekend. 

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