Friday, August 19, 2011

Sneak Peek: Dorm Room

 Lee Lee and I moved into Alpha Gamm yesterday, and we have the house all to ourselves.  RA's and Peer Assistants (us) are training through Tuesday and then working with the Freshman during their "Freshman Experience" through Sunday.
We're suite mates, and love having our rooms to ourselves.
Cam helped me unpack yesterday and that fine man (who had stayed up until 5:30 that morning re-fininishing floors) carried all the heavy stuff and then sat and de-tangled and organized my jewelry while I tried to set up base.
I eventually took pity on him and left the remainder of the tidying for another day and bought him a very large coffee as a thank you.
What a good egg.
So, my room isn't done yet, but there's a sneak peek for you.  

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