Saturday, July 16, 2011

Arrival in PA

We arrived in Pennsylvania at my Aunt Marion's around 6:30.  As usual, coming into my family's home is  the sweetest pleasure.  In that home lies the comfort of happy work.  
Cooking, creating and talking together as the kids run around underfoot. 
 I love it here: the landscape and architecture are undisturbed and unaffected, and so is the lifestyle.  My family here still gets their milk from the dairy cows down the road, grabs fresh bed from the bakery, and has a small vegetable stand.  
Tomorrow I will get to bottle-feed a baby calf, feed chickens, speak with an artist who majored in textiles and went on to work for Calvin Klein and cut and arrange flowers for the house.  
Not to mention enjoying my Aunt's cooking!
They use rocks to label the vegetables in their garden.
My cousin's work.
Our dinner table.
The view.

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