Friday, July 15, 2011

Gourmalmost Cookies n' Cream

The eve before we set out for Pennsylvania, I was cleaning out our fridge of it's remaining perishables.  I wanted something chocolaty-sweet but couldn't look at the Milky Way bar in the pantry.  Candy Bars gross me out a little...snack size I can handle, but I never feel good after a "real" Twix or 100 Grand.
Solution: Cookies n' Cream Pudding!  (I feel like saying cream, and then pudding, is redundant.  Am I alone on that one?)  I wanted to make a portion of the jell-o package we had in the pantry, but milk was one of the said perishables that my little brothers took care of at breakfast.  But Mom had 100 calorie vanilla pudding cups in the fridge that she'd lost interest in!  I can understand.  Vanilla pudding is a little...vanilla.  Boring.  
We also had knock-off mini oreos in the pantry which had been lonely for weeks and needed a home in my tummy.  So there you have it: my Gourmalmost creation.  

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