Sunday, July 31, 2011

West Egg Connection

Cam and I had a pretty booked weekend, especially since we were doing Salsa Dancing Boot Camp Saturday and Sunday.  He sacrificed a lot of study time before his finals to make this weekend special, so I made sure to plan a play date with another Alpha Gamm Saturday morning so he could go over his notes.  
Anna E. is a very talented photographer, Brenau and Alpha Gamm alumn and all around fantastic person. You can check out her work at Pretty as a Peacock, her personal blog Maintaining Sanity and her food blog Noms.
She is so very cool.
We met at West Egg Cafe (a Great Gatsby reference) which has famously delicious food and atmosphere.  The two of us thought it the most natural thing in the world to photograph our meals before we ate them.
It was an excellent start to my day filled with the most nourishing food of all: good conversation.  
I left feeling empowered, encouraged and excited.  
I got their Belgian Waffle with some amazing, sweet spice butter.
Anna E. always orders banana pudding to go.  Look how cute it is!

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