Thursday, July 28, 2011

No blue Monday in your Sunday clothes

I watched Hello, Dolly for the first time last night with my dear friend Bowen and I pretty much want to be Barbara Streisand in that role.  Bowen said "Yeah, you'd eat that role up."  
What can I say?  
I'm quite the ham sometimes.   
This musical was wonderful, it might be my new favorite.  We'll see, because I'm planning on re-watching Sweeney Todd in the next week or so (completely different flavor, I'm not sure if I can even fairly compare them.)  Either way, I loved "Put on Your Sunday Clothes","Before the Parade Passes By" and of course, "Hello, Dolly."  
I honestly never knew who Barbara Streisand was until I saw this musical.  
And Wall-e makes so much more sense, now. 
Better late than never, I suppose.  

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